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A skilled attorney can make all the difference in Florida’s ever-evolving insurance claims and disputes landscape. Insurance coverage litigation attorneys play a huge role in safeguarding policyholders’ rights. Moreover, they assist in navigating the complexities of litigation in the Sunshine State and help to ensure fair settlements. Whether you are an individual policyholder, a business owner, or an insurance provider, knowing your rights and having the best representation is essential.

After years of rewarding legal success, our experienced attorneys have immense understanding and knowledge in handling complex matters involving insurance coverage litigation, motions, evidentiary hearings, and litigation, as well as an accomplished background of practice representing insurance companies. With our background knowledge and understanding of the other side’s litigation, our firm’s experienced attorneys have a unique prowess and proficiency in serving the people and fighting for just and fair compensation against insurance companies.

Mr. Arias and Mr. Abbass are licensed to represent you from the beginning to the end of your insurance claim process, in and out of court. Their focus is on protecting your rights and obtaining your full and fair compensation for you.

What Types of Insurance Claims Do We Handle?

At Arias & Abbass, our skilled insurance coverage attorneys have an impressive litigation and settlement track record and years of experience addressing large-scale coverage disputes and multi-party legal matters.

Insurance issues we handle include:

  • Claims involving residential homeowner’s insurance,
  • Claims involving condominium insurance,
  • Claims regarding property damage,
  • Bad faith insurance claims.

Arias & Abbass’s dedicated team of insurance coverage professionals is committed to safeguarding your interests. We have a consistent track record tackling everything from small to high-stakes disputes, so our clients can rely on our expertise to achieve fair and optimal outcomes in all insurance-related matters.

How Can Our Florida Insurance Litigation Lawyers Help?

Insurance disputes can be complicated, often involving intricate legal issues, complex paperwork, and high financial stakes. Luckily, our insurance litigation attorneys offer a specialized set of skills and experience that can help streamline the process and ensure your rights are protected. Here are just a few of the many things we can do for you:

  • Expertise in insurance laws—we are well-versed in insurance litigation laws and can interpret policy language, helping to determine if an insurer acted in bad faith or breached their contract;
  • Case evaluation—we can provide you with a comprehensive case analysis, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses and advising you on the best course of action;
  • Effective negotiation—we are skilled negotiators and can communicate with insurance companies on your behalf, aiming for a settlement that protects your interests without going to court;
  • Thorough investigation—we know where to look and the correct type of evidence to gather, whether it’s medical records in personal injury claims or expert testimonies in property damage claims;
  • Court representation—we can represent you in court, presenting your case and advocating on your behalf if negotiations stall or the dispute escalates; and
  • Financial savings—we can help save you money in the long run by securing favorable settlements, avoiding unnecessary legal pitfalls, and streamlining the litigation process so you’re likely to end up with higher compensation.

Why are we so confident? Our experienced attorneys have been on the other side representing insurance companies and are ready to use their competence and skills in your favor. When you work with Arias & Abbass, you don’t just get an insurance litigation lawyer; you benefit from a team of attorneys that have previously worked defending insurance companies and litigating claims like yours.

We are ready to help you! Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Our lawyers will work diligently to protect you against any insurance company that tries to unfairly deny or wrongly underrate your claim.

If you think you may have a claim, get started and call us today for a free case evaluation with an insurance litigation attorney, not a case manager.

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