Slip and falls may seem relatively harmless to some, primarily due to how common they are. However, falls not only cause some of the most severe injuries but may also lead to tremendously painful recoveries.

If you suffer an injury due to a fall that you didn’t see coming, you need a Florida slip and fall attorney who understands what you’re going through. At Arias & Abbass Your Attorneys, we genuinely care about every client and what they go through. Give us a call today to review your case and discuss your options.

How Common Are Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents are more common than you might think. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, falls account for more than eight million emergency room visits annually and are the leading cause of visits overall. Additionally, these falls often cause serious injuries. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that falls are the most common cause of brain injuries.

Causes of Slip and Falls

Several things may cause someone to slip and fall. Generally, it’s due to hazardous floor or environmental conditions, like:

  • Ice,
  • Cracks,
  • Loose mats,
  • Broken floorboards,
  • Spilled liquids or food,
  • Uneven elevation,
  • Exposed wiring and
  • Inadequate lighting.

While this doesn’t necessarily cover every factor that could lead to a slip and fall injury, these are certainly the most common. Slip and fall accidents happen anywhere and everywhere, which is why they happen so often.

Proving the Negligence of Property Owners in a Slip and Fall Case

When injured on someone else’s property in a slip and fall, you need to prove that the property owner’s negligence caused your accident. There are typically four elements you must show to support your claim:

  • Duty of care,
  • Breach of duty,
  • Causation, and
  • Damages.

Proving negligence through these four factors may be challenging without the help of an experienced Florida slip-and-fall lawyer. Often, defendants argue that the victim is at least partially responsible for their injury. This is why collecting as much evidence as possible to support your claim when the slip and fall happens is essential.

Types of Visitors

Another factor to consider is your visitor classification at the time of the injury. In Florida, there are three classifications of visitors for premises liability issues. 


Under Florida law, an invitee is anyone entering or visiting the property who reasonably believes they are welcome onto the property. They are usually there at the invitation of the property owner. One example of this is visiting the grocery store as a customer. In this case, the customer is an invitee.


A licensee is someone who visits a property for social reasons. A good example would be a friend or neighbor visiting your home. This can also include friends of friends, business acquaintances, etc. Essentially, anyone visiting the property for convenience or interest is in this category.


Of the three types of visitors, trespassers have the least protection. A trespasser is anyone who enters a property without an invitation, expressed or implied. This is further divided into discovered and undiscovered trespassers, which have different liability standards.

Types of Damages You May Seek

Following a slip and fall accident, you may pursue two main types of damages: economic and non-economic. Economic damages are the tangible losses you experience as a result of the fall, including:

  • Medical treatment costs,
  • Lost wages during recovery,
  • Reduced earning ability and
  • Property damage.

For example, if your fall causes you to fracture a bone and break your phone, you may recover compensation for the wages you miss from not working, repair/replacement costs for your phone, and treatment for the broken bone.

Non-economic damages are a little different. These are the intangible damages from your fall. A good way to think about these damages is that they don’t have a standard cost. For example, what is the cost of not being able to return to your favorite hobby? What about the cost of the pain you experience? This is what attorneys often refer to as pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall Statute of Limitations

If you get injured in a fall, we recommend contacting a Florida slip and fall lawyer sooner rather than later. This is because Florida has a statute of limitations for premises liability cases. Under Florida law, victims must file their claim within two years of the incident. While this may seem like a generous amount of time, building a solid case may take longer than expected, even when working with the best slip and fall lawyer.

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