Florida Fire Damage Claims Lawyers

Florida Fire Damage Claim Lawyers

Fire damage can be catastrophic. Even when the flames are extinguished quickly, smoke and other damage can lead to extensive repair bills and even complete loss. If you have property insurance, you expect that your policy will cover your losses. Sadly, it isn’t always that easy, and the insurance company makes a stressful situation even more difficult. 

Have you been searching for “fire damage attorney near me”? At Arias & Abbas Your Attorneys, we can guide you through the Florida fire damage claims process and help you recover the full value of your loss. 

Common Florida House Fire Causes and Damage

Residential home and property fires can have a wide range of causes, including:

  • Arson,
  • Appliance failure,
  • Knocked over candles,
  • Cooking accidents,
  • Defective decorations,
  • Defective wiring,
  • Defective light fixtures,
  • Smoking,
  • Gas leaks, and 
  • Outdoor barbeque accidents.

This is not an exhaustive list, and many other things can cause Florida house fires. Fire damage can be obvious, but there are types of damage that may not be as apparent, or won’t show up immediately. Common examples include:

  • Water damage. Whether the fire department had to use a significant amount on your house, a pipe burst during the fire, or the fire caused another type of leak, water damage is common after a fire.
  • Mold. Water damage can also cause mold to grow in a property, and Florida’s climate makes this more likely.
  • Soot and smoke deposits. Depending on the severity of the fire, soot and smoke can penetrate a home’s walls and other areas. Often, these deposits require intense cleaning and sometimes repairs. 

If you have questions about what your policy covers or the insurance company is making your claims process difficult, it’s time to talk to a Florida fire damage lawyer.

What Do Florida Fire Damage Claims Cover?

Coverage of your losses depends on the type of insurance you carry and what your policy says. Generally, you can anticipate coverage for these losses:

  • Damage to home or building;
  • Damage to garages, sheds, and fences;
  • Funds for temporary housing; and
  • Personal items damaged or destroyed.

These are just a few examples. If you think your insurance company is not honoring your policy, contact Arias & Abbas Your Attorneys.

Your Rights as a Florida Insurance Policyholder

Property owners in Florida have certain rights, which are laid out in the state’s Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights. These are:

  • The right to a timely insurance claim without delays,
  • The right to a fair claims process, and
  • The right to mediation to resolve disputes.

An insurance company that fails to respect these rights is operating in bad faith. Under Florida law, you have the right to pursue legal action against insurers who deal with fire damage claims in bad faith.

What to Do After Sustaining Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire is an emotional time. But taking a few simple steps, including the following, can help you prepare for a fire damage claim in Florida: 

  • Safety first. Make sure you and everyone else in your home or building is safe. Seek medical help for those who need it, and evacuate the premises if it isn’t safe.
  • Document the damage. Take pictures and videos of all damage from several angles.
  • Notify the insurance company. Follow your insurance company’s procedures for filing a claim, and do so as soon as possible. Provide as detailed information as you can.
  • Preserve evidence. Keep all records, receipts, and documents related to the fire and claims process. This puts you in a strong position with the insurance company and can help an attorney pursue a claim on your behalf.

Taking these steps can help put you in the best position for your claim. If you’re struggling with a claim or worry that your insurer isn’t providing proper coverage, consider speaking with a house fire lawyer like those on our experienced team at Arias & Abbas Your Attorneys.

How Can I Find the Best Fire Damage Attorney Near Me?

Dealing with the insurance claims process after a fire can be a complex and frustrating ordeal. At Arias & Abbas Your Attorneys, we can make this time a little less stressful by reviewing your policy, negotiating with the insurance company, and even representing you in litigation if necessary. Our team understands insurance industry tactics and uses this experience when negotiating on your behalf. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim, call our office today, or fill out our online contact form to get started. 

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